Through the Looking Glass: 3 Things Your Optometrist Wants You to Know About Glasses Care

Those who wear glasses often feel that their frames are simply another part of their face.  They're worn so often, and relied upon so heavily, that it can be easy to forget that they're just another piece of equipment like any other.  In other words, they require as much care and attention as you'd give any of your other possessions - if not more.  They're vital, after all.  Here are a couple of tips for taking the best possible care of your glasses.

Handling High Hypertension Effectively

Hypertension, the medical term for high blood pressure, can be debilitating. However, it has few symptoms which are immediately apparent, so it is a tricky condition to pick up on. Left undiagnosed, hypertension can cause a range of medical problems. For example, the condition is known to have an impact on kidney disease, heart failure and on eyesight. Although measures like cataract surgery can help a great deal, it is better to deal with the issue before matters get out of hand.