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Dry Eye Syndrome — Advice For Contact Lens Wearers

If you are a new contact lens wearer, you may find that you suffer from dry eye syndrome from time-to-time.  So, what is dry eye syndrome and how can you ease the discomfort that it causes?

What is dry eye syndrome and what causes it?

Wearing contact lenses prevents your tears from evaporating naturally.  This can lead to itching, redness, discomfort, over-sensitivity and unpleasant eye secretions.  In extreme cases where the condition is left untreated, infection may develop.

The condition is quite common and is referred to as dry eye syndrome

How do you prevent dry eye syndrome?

If you find that you are continually suffering from dry eyes, you should consult your optometrist.  It may be that daily disposable lenses suit your eyes better than monthly ones that require daily cleaning.  Alternatively, you may find that you prefer to wear your lenses for special occasions only and that spectacles may be better for daily wear.

Always obtain your contact lenses from your optometrist.  The cheap ones that you can buy over the counter in pharmacy shops might not be of the best quality and could contain preservatives or lubricants that irritate your eyes, making your dry condition worse. 

If you wear lenses that are only renewed each month, you must keep your lenses scrupulously clean and use only the recommended fluid to store them in.  Dirty lenses or lenses that are allowed to dry out are likely to attract bacteria, which could lead to eye infections and will worsen conditions such as dry eye syndrome.

You can prevent dry eye syndrome by using eye drops or eye washes once a day to help keep your eyes hydrated.  If it's not possible for you to wear spectacles, you'll need to take a more prescriptive approach to preventing dry eye syndrome.  Your optometrist or doctor will be able to prescribe you eye gel to be applied each day.  The gel is designed to be used with contact lenses and is very effective at preventing the surface of your eyes from drying out, whilst allowing moisture to evaporate.

In conclusion

If you're new to wearing contact lenses, you may find that you suffer from minor irritation at first.  If you develop dry eye syndrome, it's essential that you seek more advice from your optometrist.  They will be able to supply you with the appropriate preventative medication for the condition, as well as recommending other options for improving your eyesight.