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What to Do If Your Glasses Are Making Your Eyes Look Small

Girls and women of all ages look fabulous in glasses, and specs are worn by a range of hot stars. However, the wrong spectacles can make your eyes look small. If your eyes appear to shrink behind your lenses, don't worry — there is hope. Check out these sassy tips:

1. Switch to high-index plastic lenses

If you're still wearing heavy and thick lenses, it's time to talk with an optometrist about making a change to your prescription glasses. You can get smaller, lightweight plastic lenses. Called polycarbonate lenses, they are sturdy and strong but still thin. As a result, there's less glass to drown out your eyes.

2. Pick frames that sit close to your eyes

If you choose prescription glasses that sit out on your nose, the distance from your eyes creates a reverse telescopic effect which can make your eyes appear smaller. Look for lenses that sit closer to your eyes.

If you're not shopping for a new pair, get your glasses adjusted so they sit firmly on the bridge of your nose and don't slip down and hide your eyes.

3. Use neutral eye shadows

When choosing eye shadows, it can be tempting to go with bright colours, but stick to neutral palettes if possible. Bright colours get lost behind the lenses of your glasses and can distract from your eyes' natural colour and sparkle. Instead, keep the bright colours on your lips.

4. Don't be afraid of mascara

Although you should shy away from colours, don't shy away from mascara. Mascara helps to define your eyes, visually opening them. Use an eyelash curler before you apply the mascara. That stops the lashes from casting a shadow on your eyes.

5. Draw eyeliner on the upper eyelid

Whether you opt to wear mascara or not, draw a bit of eyeliner along your upper lid. Dark colours are preferable, but if they feel too heavy to you, feel free to use colours.

Draw the line along your upper eyelid and bring it up slightly at the end. Visually, that flourish helps the upper eyelid to pull away from the lower one, making the eye appear larger and more open. Do not put eyeliner on the lower lid.

6. Consider contacts

If you just feel like your eyes look too small behind your prescription glasses, it may be time to make a change. Consider wearing contacts either on a daily basis or just on special occasions.